Compliance Matters: 5 Data Compliance Tips for Small Business

June 22, 2022 electricoak

In businesses like local banks or insurance brokerages, compliance is a language that people live and breathe in the workplace….

Is your data recoverable?

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4 VR and AR IT Implications for Your Business

May 18, 2022 electricoak

People looking at an architectural drawing online

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) sound like buzzwords, but they’re definitely not fading trends. Both of these technologies…

Gone Phishin’?

May 18, 2022 electricoak

Hook and a credit card - phishing attempt

Phishing is arguably the most dangerous form of attempted cyberfraud. It’s pervasive, and it’s too often successful in deceiving consumers…

How to Keep Your LoB Software Updated

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Line of business (or LoB) apps are made specifically for each organization who developed them. They can even be made…

3 Ways to Look for AI in Your Business

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5 Tips for VoIP Security

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Security vulnerabilities are a risk for every point of digital entry, and any risk turned into an actual attack can…

Planning for the Next Big IT Project

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One project plan can change the course of your business. Everything starts with a project plan. From this departing point,…

4 Things You’ll Be Happy to Know About Wireless Security

February 18, 2022 nicole

Wireless Router

4 Things You’ll Be Happy to Know About Wireless Security Most businesses today are running exclusively on wireless networks. Wireless…

How Continued Working from Home Impacts IT for Employees

February 18, 2022 electricoak

Working from home

How Continued Working from Home Impacts IT for Employees You’re looking at the post-pandemic future of work. Perhaps you’re planning…