4 Ways MDM Can Help with Productivity and Compliance

April 29, 2021 nicole

compliance-driven results.

Mobile Device Security (MDM) refers to the whole process that goes into securing and monitoring mobile devices used for business. Depending on the company, that might include devices owned by the company along with staff’s personal devices.

If it’s used for business, it’s important to secure. Today that’s truer than ever with so many employees working remotely.

When any device that isn’t protected ends up on your network, that puts your whole company at risk, too. MDM is a fundamental business practice for that reason. Did you know, though, that MDM also brings you more benefits than just security?

Productivity and compliance are both boosted in a big way through MDM. These pay-outs make your investment in MDM go down a little smoother.

Keep reading to learn how MDM can maximize productivity and ease what’s required in meeting compliance.

Use MDM to Maximize Productivity

Maximizing productivity through the safe use of mobile devices comes down to protecting files and access to them while still enabling greater collaboration on the team (and even with clients).

Collaboration has become easier and more interactive with cloud-based services that tap shared access to single-source-of-truth documents. The most popular tools for the job are Google Drive and Dropbox.

Video conferencing has become more interactive, too, with many platforms boasting extra features like multi-player whiteboards and screensharing.

MDM has to protect your company while not disabling any of the audio-visual-rich incredible collaboration that takes place today. This is done by managing permissions on the cloud storage service you use. Productivity, specifically, is boosted by the continued access to files. And if you set each user up to see only the folders relevant to them, this helps productivity even more as team members more easily navigate the shared space.

Of course, permissions are inherently a big part of an MDM strategy. Control who in your organization sees what, and protect yourself from any external party seeing documents unless they’re specifically invited to do so.

Use MDM to Meet Compliance Requirements

Managing cyber security for yourself at home is one thing, but managing it for a whole organization is another story. Fortunately, MDM goes hand-in-hand with compliance, too.

If you’re not sure how best to protect client information or confidential documents, today’s data security standards pretty much spell out what to do. Use these standards to identify what security areas you should consider in your MDM. This overlap makes your life easier since you’re getting two birds with one stone.

We all need to take care of our safety. Conveniently, businesses can roll out better compliance and higher productivity by covering their bases with MDM. Then, the icing on the cake is that an MDM program will also impact company culture to encourage each team member to think about cyber security proactively.

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