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Multi-factor authentication requires users to present two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism, preventing security breaches.  This helps to mitigate the risks posed with password-only authentication as password leaks occur often at this point, in many cases at no fault of the user due to hacks or data dumps from compromised websites.  To validate this, we can run dark web scans on client emails and domains, or review this information for a high-level overview.

The main issue that drives the need for MFA (AKA 2FA or two factor authentication) or Password Management Systems is password reuse, and not changing passwords often.  In an ideal world a user needs to know a few highly secure passwords, and have strong challenges or completely random, long passwords for everything else that are encrypted, protected, and help increase productivity with automated filling.

Another case where Password Management Systems are very beneficial for our clients is for client or vendor portals that they must work in.   In many cases, these have a shared company account that is used by several members on the team.  In this scenario, the password can be shared to groups or individuals with a strong, random password that no one knows or would reuse anywhere else increasing security which protects against potential data leaks on those vendor or client systems, as well as employee turnover.

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  • Managed Email Security

  • Managed Endpoint Security

  • DNS and Domain Registration Security

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Data Encryption

  • Cyber Security Wrapups

  • User Training and Network Policies

  • Intelligent Roaming DNS Proxy for Endpoints

  • Multifactor Authentication and Password Management Systems

  • Managed Network Gateway Security

  • Managed Local and Offsite Backups

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