Computer St. Louis is an IT solutions company that offers a wide array of products and services for small business owners up to enterprise clients with 1,500+ employees. As your IT partner, we share your dreams and devise a technology plan that aligns with your goals, boosts efficiency, increases productivity, and maximizes profit. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology developments to provide you with best-in-class solutions that drive measurable results.

Computer St. Louis was originally established in 1996 by Jim Russell as part of the Computer Renaissance franchise, which specialized in selling and repairing computers and IT equipment. After years of working in various departments of the company, Seth Russell bought the business in 2006 and renamed it to Computer St. Louis. As CEO, he immediately shifted the company’s focus from selling hardware to becoming our clients’ IT partner.

As a Managed IT Service Provider we are serving our clients and our city better than ever. Computer St. Louis is proud to be a family-owned local business and we’ve successfully helped numerous businesses leverage technology to gain higher organizational growth and success.

Our Vision

We aim to provide the best IT experience in North America.

Our Values

Cultivate a team environment
As a part of the Computer St. Louis team, every employee works hard, is supportive of one another, and celebrates success together.

Maintain a positive attitude
Our company culture is founded on helping others with an open and positive attitude.

Strive for professionalism
Our dedication to providing only top-tier, time-tested services has allowed us to maintain quality standards and guarantee client satisfaction.

Constantly embrace and drive efficiency
We continue to innovate and improve our work processes and IT solutions to achieve top business efficiency and exceed client expectations.

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We are proud of our St. Louis heritage, but we started dual branding as Russell Technologies as we have grown outside of the St. Louis metropolitan area as and into other major metros.

Russell Tech VoIP is our corporation which operates, is regulated as, and is taxed as a Voice over IP, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and phone system management company.  This separation is due to the taxes and regulations involved with invoicing services in this particular industry segment, while we still wanted to fully control our client’s experience.

Our team is first class.

Committed to Excellence

And it shows. Just ask our satisfied clients.