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Computer St. Louis has been hosting mission-critical data for over twenty years. We are focused on keeping your information safe and secure so you can focus on your business objectives – not your IT security.

Worry Free Managed Network Security

IT security landscape is vastly different from years past where antivirus and a basic firewall solved most problems.  Attacks are becoming much more sophisticated, and attack patterns are emerging and changing with increasing frequency.  Relying on virus signatures and stateful packet inspection firewalls without subscription services no longer works.  A layered approach is necessary to ensure a secure computing environment.  Threats entering the network can cause considerable damage, from creating downtime for users at a minimum, to causing data loss and financial compromise in a worst-case scenario.

Computer St. Louis Includes:

  • A next generation firewalls at each of our clients and review the subscription services stack:
  • Gateway Anti-Virus utilizing a different engine than our endpoint protection to act as an extra double check
  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • 125 Category web content filtering platform
  • We setup 29 to be blocked by default that are directly related to security with the reset being elective by the client, and can be universal or segmented by work rolegroupsubnetuser
  • Application Control
  • IP reputation checking for web traffic
  • Behavior based port blocking policies, and blocked site
  • Geographically blocked IP addresses to help limit the attack surface to from inbound attacks, as well as limit link and dropper execution and “phone-home” for outbound communications
  • Alarming of high risk inbound and outbound traffic to CSTL’s SOC Team
  • Bot-Net Herding Detection and Prevention
  • All Software and Firmware Updates pushed as they come available from Computer St. Louis’ Worry Free Managed Security Server (Typically averaging OS Updates every quarter, and signature updates hourly)
  • Monitoring and logging on Computer St. Louis’ Security Logging Server

A typical month’s threat heat map (varies based on month and firewall):

Typical Month's cyber threat on map of the world

Who We Are

Computer St. Louis is an IT solutions provider that offers a wide range of products and services.

From small businesses to enterprise clients with more than 1500 employees, our goal is to serve all of our clients with the right technology to make them more profitable, more efficient, and more productive.

We can help you configure the right IT Security setup for your business.
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