5 Tips for Better Business Backups

November 10, 2021 electricoak

File cabinets in a cloud

Choosing the right backup method is an important decision for your business. Thereafter, protecting your backups is equally essential. Business-critical…

6 benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)

November 10, 2021 electricoak

Making copies

Right when you thought you had all your IT acronyms down, your MSP (managed service provider) tells you about MPS…

“Locker” Politics

October 12, 2021 electricoak

Hacker demanding ransom

The email came in and I scanned it, only half reading. It was from the CRM and said that a…

What Do BYOD, Malware and Mobile Device Management Have in Common?

October 12, 2021 electricoak

Mobile devices

No, this is not a joke. It’s not a riddle, either. These three things have the following in common: they…

7 Benefits of Telecom Solutions Brokering

September 22, 2021 electricoak

When you review your business’s telephone bills, what do you see? Do you go through line-item historical comparisons, month over…

Ways to Save All Your Passwords

September 22, 2021 electricoak

Ask yourself: is there ever a day you don’t access a password-protected account? Just about every aspect of life and…

The Best IT Security System for Small Business

August 9, 2021 electricoak

WatchGuard information

When you’re a small business, you need a competitive edge. Not only are you competing with the big dogs in…

5 Ways to Save Money with VoIP

August 9, 2021 electricoak


The term “upgrade” usually means something is more expensive. With VoIP, however, the opposite is true. VoIP, or Voice over…

6 Windows 10 Tips

July 6, 2021 electricoak

Windows 10 pushed out yet another update in May 2021. The new upgrades to the popular operating system help users…

5 Steps to Compliant IT

July 6, 2021 electricoak

If your company is IT compliant, that means your IT infrastructure protocols meet certain legal and industry standards. Those standards…