3 MDM Security Benefits

March 30, 2021 electricoak

Mobile Device Management (or MDM) is the process of securing, managing and monitoring any mobile devices used in a business…

6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

March 30, 2021 electricoak

Cloud computing offers more business benefits than most organizations realize. It’s convenient, it’s cost-efficient, and it’s the key to today’s…

6 Steps to Total Smartphone Security

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Business owners are already aware of the importance of protecting their assets. Cybersecurity, however, is often over-simplified to terms of…

4 Must-Have Components of a Business Continuity Plan

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Business continuity refers to an organization’s ability to continue performing essential functions in the case of a disaster, cyberattack, or…

Should I Move to Four Monitors from Two?

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Computer St. Louis Monitor Choices

Professionals across industries swear that using multiple monitors is a life-changer, and for good reason. From accountants to designers to…

Benefits of VoIP

February 8, 2021 electricoak

Computer St. Louis VoIP system

Telephone calls have been zooming across physical lines for almost 150 years. Innovations like cable systems and networks have added…

Microsoft 365 – 4 New Enhancements

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Fighting Online Meeting Fatigue

As you may know, Microsoft changed the name of Office 365 SMB offerings to Microsoft 365 to encompass a slew…

Top 5 Reasons to Use Computer St. Louis for Managed Services

January 6, 2021 electricoak

Computer St. Louis Managed Services

First, what is Managed Services? It’s our proactive approach at managing all your IT, an inclusive mash-up of your network,…

Year-end Hardware – Utilize Your Remaining Hardware Budget in 2020

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Hardware and Software Budgets

We’re out of capacity, can I have one more physical server, or can I finally upgrade to 10GB switching on…

Ransomware Attacks are on the Rise with Covid-19

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Layered Security

The importance of training your team on phishing attempts via email or downloads from nefarious websites, needs to be a…