How to Budget 2023 for IT

December 6, 2022 electricoak

2023 Budget

When it comes to IT budgets, often the line-item details are rarely built to meet revenue goals because even the…

How Prepared Are You for a Disaster?

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Disaster Preparedness

Is your business prepared for a disaster? Whether your business was impacted today by a tornado or a citywide power…

Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Office 3CX Phone System

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Unified Communications

The 3CX office phone system is the next-generation solution for businesses to stay productive with employees spread out more than…

4 Advantages of Using Your Own Mobile Hotspot

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Use Your Own Mobile Hotspot

Fast access to the internet is a “must have.” It’s a basic need for work, for fun, for finances and…

Should I use a browser VPN?

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Most business professionals already know what a VPN is. These “virtual private networks” allow you to browse the internet anonymously,…

Ransomware: A Story Not to Repeat

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One minute, Aubrey was looking for a client file. File explorer popped open on her computer and she was about…

5 New Features in Office 365

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Office 365 features on a cell phone

Microsoft 365 is the real deal. A suite of not just the omnipresent Office apps, but also the whole Microsoft…

Must-Take Steps to Protect Your Business from Social Engineering

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Picture it: an email comes in from your boss asking you to process a transfer for a large sum of…

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Small Businesses

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Just a username and password won’t cut it anymore. Even crafting your longest and most secure password ever will still…

Demystifying the Spam Quarantine Report

July 6, 2022 electricoak

Understanding your spam quarantine report

When you receive a spam quarantine report, it should look like this. If you have more than one active email…