One Partner, Many Solutions.

Your source for telecom, internet service, circuit, and cloud brokering. Computer St. Louis partners with a comprehensive array of providers to solve the demands of many organizations. We bring the value of multiple carriers with a single point of contact and a direct understanding of your design goals.


We want to know what is going on in your organization, how technology is being used currently, and where you want to get to. Our team of engineers then starts to work on how to get where you want to go, and put options together. Once a plan is selected, we start work to make sure the transition is well planned to minimize disruption, and help to execute the transition along with you and your team. We don’t stop there though, after implementation, we check in periodically to verify consistent quality and review new options as they come available.


Today’s technology landscape demands optimal communications and cloud services for a competitive advantage. Sometimes that means making changes and doing something completely different, while other times, it may be best to stay where you are at and confirm you are on the latest service rate plans.

We'll also help with your understanding of dedicated fiber connections versus other broadband internet options.


  • We will become your single point of contact, managing all of your carrier customer service needs and escalations should issues occur, even years after the solution is in place.

    • We include circuit monitoring for circuit usage and latency opening up tickets on your behalf, many times before or without our clients even knowing there is an issue.
      • Latency testing even occurs from different carriers out of our Chicago and St. Louis data centers, which gives us more information and validation when we have to work on your behalf.

  • Give you the full story about the carriers or cloud providers in play. They all have pros and cons – some of this has to do with:

    • Design goals for resiliency
    • The footprint you need to work within (local, regional, national, or even international)
    • Support and response after the sale that we see across other clients
    • Speed and reducing latency with access across the country or internationally
    • Negotiating power, knowing what we can ask for, what carriers will do, and who the best carrier is to ask to accommodate special needs or considerations.
    • Of course, budget and cost savings plays a large part in the decision process as well

  • Our team will support you, long after the carrier sales person has moved on

    • We’ve been around for 22 years now, while the average carrier sales person lasts about 2 years, and typically doesn’t help with service after the sale

  • We will be invested in your long-term success, not a quick sale.

    • We care about our clients as well as their experience – that is how we have grown.

  • We will take care of your carrier and cloud needs so you can focus on your core business.

    • We negotiate with carriers and cloud service providers on a daily basis for our clients, so we know many tricks of the trade. Most of our clients only deal with carrier and cloud contracts every few years, and spend as little as they have to doing it.
    • Our team designs networks from the ground up, as well as helping to optimize existing designs. We get to see what works well, what doesn’t, and what is overhyped across the hundreds of clients and sites we support.

  • If we design for failover, we actually test it.

    • We work with clients and prospects countless times where failover and disaster recovery plans were started or planned for, but never tested and validated until an event has already occurred and finding out too late. We take the time to make sure everything “works as advertised”

  • Just because you partner with us doesn’t mean you lose direct access to your carrier or provider. You still get that if you want it. We’re just here to help.