Computer St. Louis has been hosting mission-critical data for over twenty years. We are focused on keeping your information safe and secure so you can focus on your business objectives – not your IT security.

The network threat landscape is constantly changing.

Computer St. Louis is constantly working on building out additional training and policy templates for our managed clients, confirming that they are in the best possible position.

For clients who are serious about security awareness and training, Computer St. Louis partners with and recommends KnowBe4 to provide an optional service at discounted rates.  This service can include end user training modules, as well as simulated phishing and network attacks to test users’ reactions, providing both reporting and remedial training.  Remedial programs have been shown to reduce the average user’s chances of falling for an attack from roughly 30% to the low single digits.  KnowBe4 is one of the few security awareness training companies that addresses the social engineering tactics commonly found in today’s major breaches.

Computer St. Louis also makes a concerted effort to analyze network policies, suggesting improvements whenever possible for our clients.  This can be dependent on a client’s willingness to adopt changes.  Examples include upgrading to the latest RADIUS-based wireless encryption.  Having three or more separate and segmented wireless networks based on usage needs, password policies, local administrator policies, auditing of local administrator access, network share access, ensuring secure remote access methods, wireless printer security, smartphone and mobile device policies and management of access, and implementation of demilitarized zones for equipment that has specific, higher-risk software needs.

Catch up on all the latest strategies to protect your company from phishing attacks!

  • Managed Email Security

  • Managed Endpoint Security

  • DNS and Domain Registration Security

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Data Encryption

  • Cyber Security Wrapups

  • User Training and Network Policies

  • Intelligent Roaming DNS Proxy for Endpoints

  • Multifactor Authentication and Password Management Systems

  • Managed Network Gateway Security

  • Managed Local and Offsite Backups

We can help you configure the right IT Security setup for your business.
Contact us to discuss any of the layers listed above or to discuss a solution that layers protection with peace of mind.