Best Managed Endpoint Security Services

Computer St Louis Cyber Security

Computer St. Louis has been hosting mission-critical data for over twenty years. We are focused on keeping your information safe and secure so you can focus on your business objectives – not your IT security. This is why we offer the best managed endpoint security services available. 

For each server, workstation, and laptop, Computer St. Louis will provide antivirus licenses with central security monitoring and the following security features:

  • Check in with the policy management server every 15 minutes
  • Detection of potentially unwanted applications
  • Check for signature updates every hour, with updates averaging every four hours
  • Virus scanner locked with a password to prevent tampering or disabling
  • Detection of potentially unsafe applications
  • Behavior analysis and shielding for unknown files
  • Daily deep scans performed at 10PM or as idle time is available
  • MD5 “fingerprinting” of all files with a cloud look up double check
  • Immediate notification of a virus or malware detection, triggering an automated deep scan, and reporting to CSTL’s SOC team for remediation
  • Managed Email Security
  • Best Managed Endpoint Security Services
  • DNS and Domain Registration Security
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Data Encryption
  • Cyber Security Wrapups
  • User Training and Network Policies
  • Intelligent Roaming DNS Proxy for Endpoints
  • Multifactor Authentication and Password Management Systems
  • Managed Network Gateway Security
  • Managed Local and Offsite Backups

Who We Are

Computer St. Louis is an IT solutions provider that offers a wide range of products and services.

From small businesses to enterprise clients with more than 1500 employees, our goal is to serve all of our clients with the right technology to make them more profitable, more efficient, and more productive. You will find that we offer the  best managed endpoint security services available anywhere.

We can help you configure the right IT Security setup for your business.
Contact us to discuss any of the layers listed above or to discuss a solution that layers protection with peace of mind.