Vulnerability Scanning

Computer St Louis Cyber Security

Computer St. Louis has been hosting mission-critical data for over twenty years. We are focused on keeping your information safe and secure so you can focus on your business objectives – not your IT security.

Yearly External Vulnerability Scans

Computer St. Louis will provide yearly external vulnerability scans at no cost to our clients to help ensure peace of mind, as well as to provide compliance for many clients and vendors that require them.

Some of our clients require more frequent scanning due to regulatory compliance, which can take place as often as weekly.  If more frequent or internal vulnerability scans are needed, some licensing cost is associated with the additional IP scans and scanning engines involved, which we pass along at as aggressive a cost as possible.

Who We Are

Computer St. Louis is an IT solutions provider that offers a wide range of products and services.

From small businesses to enterprise clients with more than 1500 employees, our goal is to serve all of our clients with the right technology to make them more profitable, more efficient, and more productive.

We can help you configure the right IT Security setup for your business.
Contact us to discuss any of the layers listed above or to discuss a solution that layers protection with peace of mind.