5 New Features in Office 365

September 14, 2022 electricoak

Office 365 features on a cell phone

Microsoft 365 is the real deal. A suite of not just the omnipresent Office apps, but also the whole Microsoft family, this license opens the door to every tool Microsoft has built.

Collaboration, productivity, and the cloud are all at your fingertips.

One of the biggest perks to using Microsoft 365 is that the tools are constantly under improvement, too. New features, bug fixes and user experience enhancements are set live every month.

Some of the updates are bigger than others. Keep reading to learn about some of the recent changes to Microsoft 365—and those you’ll be excited to know are coming.

What’s here now:

  1. Outlook has been slowly migrating its desktop app to mirror the look of its web version. This simplifies the overall look and feel. You’ll notice differences in your display as well as some of the menu structure. Any business who regularly accesses Outlook on both computers and mobile devices will love the universal interface. There’s also a new calendar search feature to find events faster than ever.
  2. Now you can dictate your comments as you review a Word document. Just open a file, click on the Review ribbon, select New Comment and then choose the microphone in the comment box. This is one of many recent voice command enhancements to Word.
  3. You can also record videos right inside of PowerPoint. This comes in handy to insert videos into individual slides or even pre-record a whole presentation. Video screen captures have boomed in adoption the last few years, and Microsoft was not about to be left behind. What better app to introduce this in than in PowerPoint?

Coming soon:

  • Teams will soon let you talk to yourself! Watch for the new feature that allows you to sed notes and files to yourself in a you-to-you chat. Just like emailing yourself a reminder (or using a post-it, if you’re still into that), you can capture messages, notes, files, images and videos in an instant—just like in any other Teams chat.
  • Microsoft is also working to bring greater feature parity to its web-based version of Teams. That means adding features that were previously exclusive to the desktop version, like call recording and video chats.

Learn how to make the most of your Microsoft 365 account, and the suite of tools will continue to impress you. It will continue to bring dividends in productivity to you and your business, too. Contact us to learn more.