The 3CX office phone system is the next-generation solution for businesses to stay productive with employees spread out more than ever. This cloud-based phone system software is one of the key elements of the business tech stack.

3CX is one of many hosted phone systems, meaning the software acts in place of a traditional phone that’s limited to the phone lines. 3CX is cloud-based and functions entirely online. It can work on any desktop, laptop or mobile device no matter where an employee is located.

3CX is a powerful tool, but to get the most out of it, businesses have to know how to make it work optimally for their particular needs. Depending on how many phone calls a business makes, how many of them are internal versus outside calls, the nature and length of the calls, and a multitude of other factors, here are the top 4 things to know about 3CX to get the best functionality from the service.

1. Integration with WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular text message and multimedia chat service. It connects to users’ telephone numbers so that messages arrive just like an SMS texts, but without users (or businesses) having to worry about steep fees when messages are sent across borders.

3CX uses an internet connection to make calls, and so integrating it with WhatsApp enables you to send text messages directly from the 3CX panel. It’s all in the same place where you can also reply to live chat, SMS and Facebook Messenger threads.

2. Live chat on your website is easy with a WordPress plug-in

3CX can also be connected with any WordPress-based website using the 3CX Free Live Chat WordPress plugin. A 3CX StartUP plan is required to complete the integration.

The quick customer support a website chat adds is the level of service most consumers today expect. Your business can easily reply to messages right in the 3CX panel to help leads and customers find what they need and to upsell products and services. You can configure the chat to meet your business needs, too, including setting automatic FAQ “fast answers,” hours of operation, and more.

3. Mobile apps allow you to always “be in the office” when you need to be

The 3CX App—available on Android and for iOS—allows users to make and receive calls from their phones just like they would on desktop or laptop. The app also streamlines scheduling conferences and chats with internal teams and with customers.

The 3CX App is constantly being updated, with recent improvements to the notification system and to connection speed.

4. CRM integrations abound

3CX can also integrate with any CRM that has a REST API. That means it can match an email or a number to a customer account right in your CRM whenever 3CX receives an inbound call.

These perks of 3CX show how to use this next-generation office phone system to upgrade your business communication to enterprise levels—even if you’re a small and medium businesses. As long as there’s internet, small, medium and large teams can now coordinate more dynamically and serve customers anywhere no matter where a business agent is located.

When it comes to choosing the right VoIP system, 3CX offers these perks that turn the software-based telephone system into a full call server with call control and unified communication.

For help choosing the perfect VoIP system or 3CX setup for you, contact us.