4 Advantages of Using Your Own Mobile Hotspot

October 12, 2022 electricoak

Use Your Own Mobile Hotspot

Fast access to the internet is a “must have.” It’s a basic need for work, for fun, for finances and travel and shopping and more.

We’re able to connect to the internet on our personal wireless at home or on company wireless at work. We regularly connect to public wireless signals, too. Then, of course, we routinely connect using data on our phones or tablets.

But what about mobile hotspot devices?

A mobile hotspot provides a secure and hyper-local wireless signal which itself is mobile (like the name suggests). It uses the same technology that our phones do to send data over the web. Most mobile phones also have the ability to turn into mobile hotspots to connect a computer to in a pinch.

The question today is what the advantages are of using a mobile hotspot device instead of a local wireless router signal. Let’s dig in.

Mobile Hotspot Definition

What, exactly, is a mobile hotspot? Think of it as a hybrid between a router and a cell phone. The small device connects to the internet using data just like a phone, then broadcasts the signal as wireless so you can connect any number of devices.

Conveniently, the connection on mobile hotspots tends to be even better than those on phones or tablets because the device’s sole purpose is to pick up cell signals. It was perfectly engineered for just that and so is hyper sensitive and stable.

Advantages of Mobile Hotspots

Using a mobile hotspot has its obvious appeal. But does it have advantages that make it better than connecting to work’s wifi, or even a public connection while you’re out and about?

Here are some advantages of using your own mobile hotspot:

  • Work (or surf) anywhere. Mobile hotspots are as mobile as you are! All you need is a cell signal, and you can provide wifi for any number of devices when the hotspot is on—not even a plug is required.
  • More disaster-proof than other options. When the wifi goes out for everyone else at work, what luck if you have a mobile hotspot.
  • Top security. The internet network at work is also super secure with password protection and encryption, and that’s great. Mobile hotspots also use security keys and encrypt all the data that passes in and out, making them and your work wifi the two most secure options for internet connections. Stick with one of these over a public signal any day.
  • Dependable connection. The connectivity of an internet signal is vital to keep doing what you’re doing. Mobile hotspots are more efficient with their batteries than cell phones and tablets, making them the best option for long-lasting internet (instead of using a phone as a “hot spot” to tether devices to, what a battery drain).

Questions about how to choose a mobile hotspot device, or how to set one up? Contact our team to learn more.