5 Wireless Security “Must-Dos”

February 14, 2023 electricoak

Wireless Security Strategies

Wireless internet is what most businesses use today. The business world is almost entirely free of wires for internet access, but they are not free from the risk of data loss.

Data transmitted over wireless networks is sent over the air. Anyone in the network with the right set of tools can capture the data as it travels.

Business owners have countless responsibilities, and one growing area of duty is setting the requisite security measures to protect data. Fortunately, securing a wireless network is easy.

These 5 “must-dos” for wireless security can set businesses up for success.

1: Never keep the default settings

The first step to take when setting up a wireless network (or when better securing an existing on) is to change the default settings.

Experienced hackers find default passwords and usernames for wireless-capable devices relatively easy to uncover. Change the default name of the router (called the “SSID”) and set a strong password immediately.

2: Keep guests on the guest wifi

Make a second wireless network for guests to use. The network should be built in isolation from any networks that the company uses so that guests can connect to the internet without accessing any sensitive information.

This also keeps both the business network and the guest network moving faster, to everyone’s delight.

3: Use a VPN when you’re away from the office

When company devices are used on networks outside of the business network, hackers can identify internet traffic history and get passwords for the business network. This can be easily avoided by using a VPN (virtual private network) anytime you aren’t in the office.

VPNs secure internet traffic by redirecting activity through an encrypted tunnel to the VPN’s server. You can also use VPNs to access business files while away from the office.

4: Keep all wireless hardware and software up-to-date

Whenever there’s an update for a wireless router’s software, install the update right away.

Whenever there are updates to firmware network components, get those updates right away.

Whenever computers or other devices have available updates to network adapters, install those new drivers, too.

By taking these steps, you’ll take advantage of every known security patch as updates are made. Our managed services team can make sure you are up to date – contact us today for more information!

5: Consider cyber insurance

There will always be risk for businesses transmitting sensitive information over wireless networks. That risk can be minimized, but it will never disappear.

Maybe something doesn’t go according to plan.

Maybe another unrelated disaster compromises wireless security.

Maybe a highly skilled hacker is determined to break in and dodges every security protocol.

Small businesses can consider cyber insurance to help bounce back after any type of cyberattack. Many insurance providers even help optimize wireless security policies for the business to minimize attack exposure.

Whether cyber insurance or a simple consultation with a trusted IT provider is the best next step will depend on the business. Meanwhile, read up on additional steps to take to protect against social engineering attacks.