3 MDM Security Benefits

March 30, 2021 nicole


Mobile Device Management (or MDM) is the process of securing, managing and monitoring any mobile devices used in a business setting. This includes company-owned mobile devices as well as the growing trend to “bring your own device,” both of which have significantly reduced operational costs as business practices move to remote work in the cloud.

When employees connect to the business’s network on any device or gadget, that connection is another opportunity for a security failure. This can be frightening for businesses introducing multiple new mobile devices per employee.

How can a business reconcile that security concern against the opportunity for employees to work more efficiently? The answer is in MDM. This process is the most effective way for businesses to keep track of devices and all the security implications that go with them.

What do businesses use MDM for?

MDM is a software that helps businesses provide employees with mobile access to the company’s network and data via smart phones, tablets and other devices. MDM solutions include:

  • Mobile application management
  • Mobile content management
  • Exchange access

The goal of MDM is to make mobile devices as functional and secure as possible. It’s also helpful in protecting the business’s network, which malware can be passed to from the growing list of connected devices.

Top 3 Benefits to Opting into an MDM Security Software:

  1. Automatic deletion for temporary storage

    One of the simplest ways to keep devices and networks clear of potentially compromised information is to regularly wipe temporary storage from the queues not deleted by apps once no longer required. MDM does this automatically.

  2. Data backup

    MDM also systemizes additional data backup from data on mobile devices to protect a business in the case of data loss.

  3. Device updates

    And last, MDM systemizes the regular update of software and network patches. Your organization can also use MDM to control when updates are installed by setting local system update policies for each device.

Businesses use MDM to ensure the security of remote work and the growing list of mobile devices used on their networks. Achieving these benefits comes down to identifying the right MDM solution for your business. Then, you get buy-in from stakeholders and put the plan in place.

Your legacy at your business could be setting principles that protect the success and sustainability of your business—all starting with MDM. Contact us today for a consultation.