6 Benefits of Cloud Computing

March 30, 2021 nicole

cloud computing

Cloud computing offers more business benefits than most organizations realize. It’s convenient, it’s cost-efficient, and it’s the key to today’s “new normal” of remote work. But that’s not all.

There are six key benefits we believe businesses should know about, because each brings with it an awareness of just how much a business stands to gain. Any organization will only enjoy these benefits if they know what they are and how to measure them.

Whether your business has moved entirely to the cloud or is in the process of migrating, these are the top six benefits of cloud computing you should definitely know about.

Top Benefits of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Data collection in cloud computing is performed by a computer—usually remote—that is not the one currently being used. The data collected is then stored on remote servers, boosting efficiency for the business as well as for each machine that no longer has to work as hard. Here’s how that pans out in additional benefits for your business:

  1. Data security: Understandably, data security is a top concern for any business. This includes protecting the integrity of data from outside intruders as well as protecting back-ups for business continuity. Data breaches and data loss can devastate a company’s operations, revenue and brand, but cloud technology provides better security to make it less likely that breaches or losses will happen.
  2. Business continuity: Whether it’s a natural disaster or power failure that does it, data can be lost and the impact on a business can be show-stopping for days, weeks or months. Having all your data stored in the cloud ensures it’s in a far safer location and that multiple backups are available to get you back online as quickly as possible.
  3. Better collaboration: Collaboration on cloud technologies allows businesspeople to communicate and share using cutting-edge remote work technologies. That includes real-time document sharing, shared drives, digital whiteboards and loads of other remote tools.
  4. Scalable: Cloud computing is instantly scalable up or down. If your business increases demands, you increase cloud capacity in a snap. If you have to decrease capacity, you can do so instantly and save money, too.
  5. Control: Cloud computing enables simple and exacting control over access to information (including people inside and out of your organization).
  6. More competitive: Finally, by migrating to the cloud, businesses are able to adopt new cloud-based technologies and improve processes with greater agility. Those technologies can include new SaaS solutions, any one of which could be an instant linchpin that improves a key business activity.

Cloud adoption increases every year along with the quality of the technology, and businesses of all sizes have made the migration. Look at this list and decide which benefits are the most significant for you. Then, contact us to learn what the next steps could be in a total migration to cloud technology.