Before you fire your IT guy…

May 28, 2021 nicole

Governance Infrastructure Functionality

So, you have an internal IT guy. With all the managed tech services and outsourced IT help out there today, it’s natural for businesses to wonder whether they still need an internal IT department.

Companies that are growing see a heightened reliance on tech, too, which begs the question even more. With the expertise needed in increasingly-complex IT tasks, should you continue relying on a one-man shop in the back office? Or should you switch your IT guy out for a managed services provider?

Of course our team at Computer St. Louis would love to be the answer to your every IT need. You know that. But before you get the termination paperwork whipped up for that IT guy, read to learn whether you really need an IT professional on staff or not.

The Main Functions of the IT Role

Review the basic functions of the classic IT role against what your IT professional is currently assigned.

Overall, an internal (or outsourced) IT department is responsible for providing computational infrastructure. In plain English, that means setting up and maintaining the network and operating systems for your business.

The three major IT functions include:

  1. Governance: this refers to the rollout of operational parameters and the architecture of your networks and operational systems.
  2. Infrastructure: this gets into the hardware and equipment needed to make your business’s IT system work.
  3. Functionality: this is where IT staff works to create and maintain software applications as well as store the electronic data that belongs to your business.

IT departments also have IT network responsibilities, take care of network contingencies, undergo application development, handle telephony, and host or update the company website.

One Simple Test:

Unless you can come up with a 10-word definition for each of the “techy” concepts listed above (and you can say that you can confidently handle them all), you do need an IT guy. Whether that’s an internal IT professional or an outsourced provider comes down to the following question…

What position is your business in right now?

If your business is growing, you likely need the IT professional to act as a liaison to the managed service provider you’ll hire in addition to internal staff. Bringing on added expertise is essential as you grow, because even where your IT staff does know how to do everything, there simply won’t be enough time.

For businesses that aren’t growing right now, you can still consider your growing reliance on tech. If new apps and software are making frequent appearances in your day-to-day, your IT staff will be invaluable to keep everyone “in their lane” as new outsourced expertise is brought in through outsourced services.

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