Ways to Save All Your Passwords

September 22, 2021 nicole

Keep your passwords SAFE-1

Ask yourself: is there ever a day you don’t access a password-protected account?

Just about every aspect of life and work today takes place on apps or over the internet. This means our passwords are as essential to our day-to-day as planning what to eat for dinner.

The whole purpose of a password is to keep your data safe.

If your passwords aren’t safe, your data isn’t safe, either.

Passwords are needed to protect your data because there’s always someone trying to get it. From bank information to data hacked to damage a business’s or person’s reputation, compromised passwords account for 80% of data breaches resulting in data theft and fraud today.

Creating strong passwords is just as important as understanding how to store them.

According to our experts at Computer St. Louis, here are the three best ways to save all your passwords:

  1. Your Browser

Your browser’s password manager is an excellent built-in feature that’s both convenient and secure. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari or any other browser, you have the option to save passwords every time you create a new account.

Browser password storage often even has the power to generate an ultra-secure password suggestion for you, too.

For added convenience in this multi-device world, browser password storage is compatible across devices so you can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile—whenever you use the same browser.

2. Password Manager Software

With functionality similar to browser password storage, there are also password-saving software options like LastPass and 1Password. These software almost always have a free version, and their security is second to none.

These password managers generate hyper-secure passwords for you, too.

Best of all, if you do upgrade to a paid version, each of these password managers has “share” options where you can give other users one-click access to accounts they need without actually revealing your password. You can revoke access granted to any user at any time, too.

Remember: hackers who get into a computer do so with just one password, and from there it’s a domino effect to all your other accounts. Protect yourself by protecting your data. And protect your data by protecting your passwords.

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