How to Keep Your LoB Software Updated

April 27, 2022 electricoak

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Line of business (or LoB) apps are made specifically for each organization who developed them. They can even be made available on the Microsoft Store for employees and collaborators to easily download, even when they’re brand-specific.

These apps are completely custom and act either as internal pieces of your processes or as client-facing tools for an omnichannel delivery of your product or service.

This all sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? We live in an exciting time when any company can create their own app for just about any reason.

Once an organization starts developing an app, though, it turns out to be a lot more work than they anticipate. Keeping those LoB software up to date is another tall order. New apps are created and updated thousands of times a day.

As users of an LoB app, what does that mean you and your team have to do to keep LOB  software updated and working optimally? Keep reading to find out.

Options to Keep Your LOB Apps Updated

Keeping most of your applications updated is pretty easy because Windows and Macintosh check for updates automatically.

If you’re using an LOB app, however, then it’s not part of that automated workflow.

Let Computer St. Louis update and manage your applications. We can help whether it’s legal software that manages your clients, billing, documents and more. For example, if your industry is dentistry, we can help with your practice software. Whatever your industry, we can help!

Working with you and your software provider, we will ensure you have the most recent versions of LoB apps. We will create a consistent process that checks all third-party software to ensure every aspect of your business software is being updated. Third-party platforms have their own due diligence when it comes to fixing bugs, yet businesses must always be aware of when new updates are made, to integrate the changes to stay current with fixes that have been instituted.

Do you have questions about LOB software? If you’re curious about building one, debugging one or keeping one up-to-date in your business, contact us to learn more.