What Do BYOD, Malware and Mobile Device Management Have in Common?

October 12, 2021 nicole

Mobile devices

No, this is not a joke.

It’s not a riddle, either.

These three things have the following in common: they are security realities of the 2020s.

Mobile device management, or MDM, refers to software that enables businesses to secure, monitor and manage mobile devices. This includes business phones and, if used for business, personal phones. It also includes tablets and laptops and even IoT devices.

MDM is a new but crucial requirement because businesses today need to secure their network along with two, three or even four devices per employee. This keeps teams safer and more efficient.

Take Fred, for example. This is how he got his office working faster and smarter with MDM providing a safe foundation.


Fred became the office cheerleader of “BYOD,” or “bring your own device.” The policy could save the company a ton of money, he said, and he was even convinced it would make everyone more efficient. If staff worked on devices they’re already familiar with, Fred said, their productivity would surge.

The idea of bringing in more devices to the network made leadership nervous, however. What were the implications to liability? What if staff used their devices to shop online or surf Facebook? And how could they secure personal devices to the high standards their business required?

Fred was able to sell leadership on BYOD since he was head of IT. He assured leadership that there were more benefits than risk, and that he could secure all devices and the network with one simple program.

Then, Fred was tasked with proving his theory with a seamless and safe transition using MDM.

Fred Needed a Solution

Fred was already well aware of the malware and hacking threats in the IoT, and frankly it gave him chills. He knew that the operational benefits of a BYOD policy would be worth it, though, so he had to make sure he made all devices as secure as possible.

So, he needed a solution. Fred started to review MDM software and paid special attention to look for the following features:

  • Device inventory
  • Device tracking
  • Remote device wipe
  • Application whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Password enforcement
  • Data encryption

When the software options were still too many, Fred contacted Computer St. Louis for advice. You can also contact us for a professional recommendation of the best MDM solution for you. We can install and implement it, too, to keep the “Fred” of your organization trained and ready for anything.

Devices aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the number of devices used by each employee will only grow. Keep your business safe and your employees productive with MDM, starting today.