5 Ways to Save Money with VoIP

August 9, 2021 nicole


The term “upgrade” usually means something is more expensive.

With VoIP, however, the opposite is true.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, allows businesses to make and take phone calls using an internet connection instead of landline technology.

If you have an older phone system that’s as expensive as it is hard to manage, this is the perfect time to upgrade to VoIP. Even if the phones you have are in pretty good shape, upgrading to VoIP could be an instantly successful way to beef up your bottom line.

How do businesses save money with VoIP?

Business usually make the switch to VoIP for features, but they also benefit in cost savings.

In fact, most businesses switching to VoIP achieve cost savings of up to 50%.

Not only are there up-front savings (which we outline below), but over time, businesses save even more through operational efficiencies, boosted staff productivity, and higher customer satisfaction.

Here are the first 5 ways a business will save money by upgrading to VoIP:

  1. Cheaper long distance

    Calls made over the internet (instead of a traditional landline) mean lower or even non-existent long-distance rates. Some businesses with a high volume of international calls have reduced long-distance costs as much as 90%.

  2. Less hardware

    Another instant way businesses save with VoIP is by switching from on-site telephony to cloud-based technology. That means the VoIP provider handles all the maintenance, support and regular updates instead of each individual business.

  3. Greater scalability

    A less immediate but equally important way businesses save with VoIP is with scalability. When you hire more staff, it’s easier to add users with the click of a button (instead of buying more equipment and calling the IT guy to come out).

  4. Mobility

    Landlines keep you tethered to your desk. VoIP, on the other hand, generates a number that can follow you wherever you go.

    Not only is this handy when someone moves offices, it’s also perfect for the “new normal” of remote work. People who travel for business, too, can always keep their work number handy.

  5. Awesome features come standard (and require no upgrade)

    Businesses of every size can now command a more professional presence with advanced call features that come standard with VoIP systems. For example, auto attendants, call recordings, phone trees, and even video conferencing are available as part of standard VoIP packages.

Upgrade to a VoIP system, and it will be the last time you “upgrade” anything about your telephony with these advanced features and cost savings.

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