6 benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS)

November 10, 2021 nicole

Making copies

Right when you thought you had all your IT acronyms down, your MSP (managed service provider) tells you about MPS (managed print services).

Confusing? Not intentionally.

Managed print services are those services offered by a third-party vendor to manage your business’s document output. This means that vendor offers maintenance on and optimizes your printing hardware and software.

The vendor also tracks the performance of your printers and overall user satisfaction.

There are big business benefits to MPS beyond convenience. Here are 6 of the benefits you should consider if your business still counts on printers in-office.

Improve productivity

Printing needs business-to-business and department-to-department will vary. Any group that’s printing regularly, however, can lose significant time if a machine is down or under-performing. Skip this headache altogether and keep everyone working with ease with MPS.

Reduce expenses

When fixes are needed, calling someone for a one-time repair is more costly than if you have an MPS provider at your beck and call. Most MPS agreements come with included fixes, not to mention the maintenance that prevents breakdowns in the first place.

Reduce your footprint

When a printer malfunctions or performs less-than-optimally, it consumes more paper, electricity, and toner. Show your best business values by doing what you can to ensure printers run smoothly and therefore consume less.

Secure your data

There’s a surprising amount intellectual property theft via printers and fax machines. Who would’ve guessed! Print and IP security risks are identified and patched by an MPS on an ongoing basis.

Save more money

Even if you keep one machine properly maintained, keeping all your printers in working condition under one agreement saves you even more money over time. Cloud-based systems offered by MPS companies monitor your printers at scale.

Stay agile

More than a buzzword, a business has to stay “agile” (or flexible) to continuously improve its processes. This includes adapting printer technology, especially with the growing internet of things. With the right MPS partner, you can optimize workflows no matter what change the market throws your way.

There are other benefits and features of managed print services, too, and they vary by vendor. Contact us to learn more about MPS or about how we can help your business gain all the above benefits and more.