3 Ways to Look for AI in Your Business

April 27, 2022 electricoak

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what will take today’s businesses to the next level.

Now that most businesses have made their digital transformation, internal processes have improved, consumer expectations have skyrocketed, and companies are now swimming in more data than ever.

Did you know, though, that less than 1% of organizational data is being used? There’s so much data that company leaders today have become paralyzed from actual decision-making due to the sheer onslaught of data available.

AI comes in to save the day, because data can only be manipulated and sorted and filtered into meaningful numbers with the help of computers. A team of data analysts could find nuggets buried deep in the data if they reviewed and visualized data manually themselves, but just think about how much time what would take.

In today’s market, that’s time—and a whole team of analysts—that businesses do not have.

Here are the top 3 ways that AI is already being used in most businesses to distill data down to insights and action. If you aren’t already using AI in these ways, get a plan together to catch up immediately, because you’re already running way behind.

Start with low-hanging fruit: smart devices

Not only is AI parsing through zettabytes of data to find meaningful information, it’s also powering a growing list of smart products. The internet of things is the new network of devices making our lives easier at home and at work.

In a work setting, think about how you can integrate sensors into your security system or health monitoring devices at company desks, not to mention linking up company smartphones and computers and TVs for seamless work visualization on any screen.

The internet of things is getting smarter, too, with AI predictions of what programs to open where.

Improve your business services

Your business can offer far more personalized service for clients as you leverage AI, too. AI data gives you customer insights that lead to more intelligent service offerings.

For a great example, just look at Netflix. How do you think you get such great recommendations for your streaming? Netflix’s AI makes recommendations based not just on what you’ve watched before, but the time of day, the actors you’ve got the hots for, and many other viewing metrics.

How could you apply this kind of personalization to your company, though? Maybe your services can be delivered differently to different client segments. Or maybe the emails you send can be more personalized to each client’s recent shopping behavior.

Make your employees’ lives easier

Use AI to streamline and optimize the regular business practices your team does, too. You can automate plenty of processes and empower employees who previously “owned” those tasks to learn the AI and become your local expert for each AI tool, to then continue leveraging those solutions more over time.

The more you invest in time and energy to AI now, the further ahead your brand will be by the time AI becomes completely ubiquitous in work and life.