How Computer St. Louis Saved My Business

April 29, 2021 nicole


As anyone who’s seen Back to the Future I, II and III will know, what we do today can have profound impacts on tomorrow. Or on yesterday…still not sure how that works.

In the second installment of the beloved saga, Marty sees the future consequences of his pride. He’s unable to back down from the taunt “chicken,” which leads to an accident and later job loss, poor health, and a mediocre relationship with his wife and kids.

In business, the actions we take (or don’t take) impact us in big ways. The decisions you personally make can impact colleagues and clients, too. Because we’re so dependent on one another in business, showing real integrity means making the smartest decision for the greatest benefit for ourselves, our businesses, and everyone around us.

For example, no one was preparing their business for a pandemic in 2019. The struggles of so many businesses since then has been a stark reminder to have a business continuity plan in place or risk having a lot of downtime.

Now that so many teams are working remotely and leveraging cloud-based tools, too, one of the biggest components of a business continuity plan is cybersecurity. Without giving cybersecurity its due attention, the next interruption your business experiences might be a consequence of malware or a serious data breach instead of a pandemic.

Whatever comes your way, you can stay ahead of it with the right cybersecurity partner on board. Keep reading, and instead of getting fired by fax someday, your future self can be prosperous. And we’re sure you’ll be saying, “this is how Computer St. Louis saved my business.”

What Do Cyber Security Services Include?

Just like bulletproof glass is manufactured in layers of different materials, your IT security should be layered and all the stronger for it. Here are some of the layers of protection we provide:

Managed Email Security

Each email account is given advanced spam blocking, pattern filtering and email spooling in case the server connection is lost.

Managed Endpoint Security

This protects individual workstations and laptops with things like antivirus licenses and central security monitoring with dozens of check-ins a day.

DNS and Domain Registration Security

Attacks happen to domain registration accounts all the time. Securing domains includes identifying and fixing vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanning

Computer St. Louis also provides yearly external vulnerability scans at no cost to our clients.

Data Encryption

Encryption of your business data can be enabled on a per-user basis for: email accounts, files, folders, and removable drives. Computer St. Louis also does full disk encryption.

Intelligent Roaming DNS Proxy for Endpoints

An intelligent DNS proxy engine installed on each laptop and tablet provides the security of a firewall but without adding network traffic issues.

Multifactor Authentication and Password Management Systems

Multi-factor authentication mitigates the risk of data leaks.

Managed Local and Offsite Backups

Offsite backups are the last line of defense in a cybersecurity plan. This helps ensure your access to data after any disaster.

We can help you figure out the best cybersecurity setup for your business. Get in touch today to talk about any of the security “layers listed above, or to discuss the specific solutions you need.