Your Network Resources Available Anywhere

June 16, 2020 electricoak

Virtual Private Network

Over the last few months, industries of every size and shape have had to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of…

Data Center Upgrade and Move Announcement

May 26, 2020 electricoak

Data Center

Computer St. Louis has exciting news to share. We are upgrading and moving our primary data center in St. Louis,…

Choose a strategic IT firm

February 20, 2020 electricoak

Industry experts agree that outsourced IT support (often called IT managed services) can be broken down into three distinct tiers,…

Outsourcing IT support just makes sense

February 20, 2020 electricoak

Businessman shaking digital partners hand on blue background

Many businesses in the St. Louis area have found that outsourcing their IT support makes sense. When outsourcing, an organization…

Don’t fall for these 4 IT mistakes

January 14, 2020 electricoak

As an IT consultant, Computer St. Louis has come across many clients who are not happy with the way their…

The end of Windows 7

January 6, 2020 electricoak

Game Over graphic

On January 14, 2020, the world will bid a fond farewell to the beloved Windows 7 operating system. Well, sort…

Password basics

December 11, 2019 electricoak

Computer security concept with a padlock on a keyboard

Worry about your security all you want and keep locks on your data center and have the recommended level of…

Does your business need ‘Data Backup as a Service’?

November 21, 2019 electricoak

Cloud Data Backup on a laptop

Data Backup as a Service (DBaaS) is a cloud service specifically built for backing up data. Since DBaaS is a…

Where to get help with Office 2019 issues

October 14, 2019 electricoak

Where to get help with Office 2019 issues

Microsoft Office 2019 is a popular and top-selling productivity suite. A one-time purchase gives you access to an array of…

Common Facebook marketing mistakes

October 11, 2019 electricoak

Common Facebook marketing mistakes

Facebook has grown rapidly in the past decade and now boasts over two billion monthly active users. These users are…