Data Center Upgrade and Move Announcement

May 26, 2020 electricoak

Data Center

Computer St. Louis has exciting news to share. We are upgrading and moving our primary data center in St. Louis, moving it from 210 N Tucker to 710 N Tucker. After almost 6 years in 210 N Tucker, this was not a decision that we made easily, but the move gives us many opportunities to upgrade and enhance our infrastructure so that we can continue to provide the reliable and fast hosting services that our clients expect.

  • We are increasing our rack space by 25% with options to increase our space even further in the
  • We have increased the number of IPs available to us by 300% giving us plenty of room to grow even as IPv4 addresses are becoming more scarce.
  • Peering and interconnect speeds have consistently lower latency and fewer hops to get to regular client destinations, especially for clients using AT&T, CenturyLink, and Spectrum connections.
  • The move has also given us the chance to upgrade many pieces of infrastructure that are net new to the new data center allowing us to install them without downtime or maintenance windows.

For the most part, this data center move should be invisible for most clients, as long as we have access to firewalls for updating VPNs, as well as DNS records in order to update A records.
Virtual servers are being replicated from one data center to another so when the cutover occurs, downtime is minimal, and overnight to avoid business disruptions, generally just taking a few
minutes to update VPNs and A records.

If we do not have access to firewalls, VPNs, or for clients with dedicated physical servers or equipment, additional coordination and planning with internal teams will be required to make sure
the cutover is a success.

As of this announcement we are several months into this process and testing. A select few test “pilot” clients and their servers have already been cutover with the process going smoothly.
Members of our team will be reaching out to coordinate with our clients on further details and move dates that pertain specifically to their environments.

We plan to have the move process fully completed by August 15th 2020, giving us time to execute and coordinate without rushing.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if any questions or concerns come up as we approach and execute the move process.

To all of our shared future success,
The Computer St. Louis Service Delivery Team