Webroot Anti-virus and Internet Security

October 9, 2020 nicole


We’ve all been there – right in the middle of a big project and your anti-virus pops up with a scan or alert, wanting you to fix the problem. What are you supposed to do about it? You’re busy with your deadline and now you have to stop and figure this out? No thank you.

Webroot offers an unobtrusive user experience, healing vulnerabilities and threats all while you go about your regular routine. This product is fast, easy to install and offers great protection for PC and Mac devices and computers/business systems. Webroot anticipates the threat by analyzing patterns and implementing deep learning for cybersecurity – they’ve been doing this since 2007. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) not only sounds modern, it’s a necessity when it comes to cyber threat protection. Paying attention to the forewarnings available in “next gen” intelligence, allows Webroot to remain light years ahead of slower, clunky software.

Webroot also offers the automation and reporting features necessary to create the zero-trust environment. These features provide the necessary information to send alerts when a device is attempting to connect to data it doesn’t have access to or may be coming from a source that is not credible. Without these automated features – you don’t know what you don’t know – and that’s a scary place to be regarding cybersecurity.

Webroot offers DNS protection, Endpoint Security and security awareness training. Training staff about the risks involved with phishing and ransomware take your business from wondering when an attack might come to if a breach will occur. Let’s get started automating your business platforms to refine the complex world of cybersecurity to a sophisticated, predictive landscape of defense.