Make the Move to Managed Services – ROI in a Nutshell

August 31, 2020 nicole

Managed Services Solutions-post

It’s the age-old adage, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” While that might have been true and continues to be the case for some industries, information technology is not one of them. It makes sense to wait until your refrigerator dies to do something about the food that will eventually spoil. However, taking that same approach to your network could end up costing you significant money, in real dollars for repairs, lost time and energy in wasted efficiencies for your employees and lost data if you become the victim of a cyber-crime.

Spending money every month for managed services may seem like a new concept, but at Computer St. Louis, our team of experts can walk you through the reasons why managed services are to be embraced. We perform an assessment, a snapshot of where you are, identify areas needing attention, and from this information, develop a plan to mobilize your current state of protection while implementing daily tasks for real-time attention. Once we heal to old problems, we can get started on YOUR future!

Do you have your email backed up in case of a phishing attack? Are you protecting your client data with PCI compliance? What about your own employee’s private health information, are you having issues regarding HIPAA compliance – do you even know where to begin? How are you keeping up with the latest threats and vulnerabilities, is your entire network covered? How are the updates being pushed to all the devices in your network and are they up to date? Do you even know what devices are hooked up to your network and where the open doorways exist? If you answered no to any of these questions, you are a great candidate for our assessment tool.

Your expertise for generating revenue for your company should be the only tech responsibility on your plate. Our responsibility is to be your IT partner and solution provider, to set the stage for the foundation and bedrock for building whatever it is you want to succeed. Whether it’s building an online shopping cart for your retail space, creating archives for your accounting firm, stepping up security for your insurance company and protecting social security numbers – whatever the issue, we’ve seen it and deal with it on a daily basis. This is our bedrock; this is what we do every day by keeping up with the latest vulnerabilities and solving security issues.

We don’t want to sew our own clothes, do our own taxes, or try to insure ourselves – those are your areas of expertise. Our team of solution providers will be there for you to analyze your network and provide a path to compliancy and adherence, providing the necessary tools for your business to succeed.