WatchGuard – Trusted Wireless Environment

November 5, 2020 nicole


In keeping with wireless connectivity, security is always the next conversation. WatchGuard’s Trusted Wireless Environment addresses major components that could leave your business vulnerable. With the freedom that Wi-Fi offers, so many of us are connected with multiple devices, exponentiating the number of risks that could be left vulnerable. Hackers look for the most exposed area of network and begin their breach.

Many assume that access points are easy to purchase and install. The mechanics of that may be true, yet the true measure of the longevity of a business demands strategic safeguards be put in place. Accurate configuration of your wireless environment is just as imperative as your cloud configuration and/or your server atmosphere. It all works together in a structure of sorts, that each environment interacts with each other to perform a beautiful symphony of security, connectivity, performance, speed and usability that demands a dedicated team of professionals who know the nomenclature and can execute.

It’s not a question of if, but when you can expect a breach if your systems are not protected and segmented in a zero-trust environment. A full-scale network that everyone has access to all the time – to everything is a nightmare waiting to happen. Locking down users to their roles, limiting the opportunities for hackers is the first step in creating a bulwark line of defense that mitigates your risk in today’s cyber reality. Your wireless network needs to have identical protocols, with a platform that can sustain a high-traffic environment. Watchguard’s products provide an excellent interface with practical usability features and easy to access peripheral management. Computer St. Louis and our team of professionals utilize these tools daily and can set your company up for wireless success.