Year-end Hardware – Utilize Your Remaining Hardware Budget in 2020

December 3, 2020 nicole

Hardware and Software Budgets

We’re out of capacity, can I have one more physical server, or can I finally upgrade to 10GB switching on my network? Can I have a new monitor – my images are morphing into gray blobs? Can I have an ergonomic mouse? My laptop is over five years old, can I have a touch-screen?

Do these requests sound familiar? Now is the time to take advantage of year-end IT budgets for hardware and software needs. Our staff can walk you through the latest components and itemize what you really need to run your business.

We’ve all been there – purchased something from a big box store – only to bring it back to the office and have no idea how to set it up, it’s missing a driver, it doesn’t come with the right software, it’s not compatible with Windows 10….this nightmare is completely avoidable by utilizing our team of professionals who know the right questions to ask to ensure you end up with a system that is ready to go, all your documents/pictures and all-important data is transferred, fully-functional and ready for you to sit down and get to work.

Planning for end-of-life hardware and software expirations can be a daunting task when you are the office manager responsible for this overwhelming task. Our managed services platform can identify any device and be able to set the stage for legacy closeouts and create a matrix for how to go about replacing or upgrading devices. Taking the temperature of where your business falls in the hardware/software calendar of renewals is vital to budgeting and preparing for years to come.

At Computer St. Louis, our team can easily take a snapshot of where you are and where you’d like to be – organized and concentrating on your business. Your return on investment with us will allow for a bigger bottom line by you concentrating on the thing that brings you revenue. We’re ready to help!