Microsoft 365 – 4 New Enhancements

January 6, 2021 nicole

Fighting Online Meeting Fatigue

As you may know, Microsoft changed the name of Office 365 SMB offerings to Microsoft 365 to encompass a slew of their productivity applications. Let’s talk about Teams.

  • Microsoft Teams – One that has come a long way is Teams, the video conferencing and collaboration tool. Teams has new Together Mode scenes (see winter wonderland below), which Microsoft believes helps to fight meeting fatigue. Other scenes range from under-the-sea, to a coffee shop, the beach, and classrooms – all to jazz-up the user experience. To get started, once you’re in Teams, select Together mode from the drop-down menu, and click the small pencil in the left-hand corner the screen to choose a scene (requires five or more people in your Team meeting).
  • 5-minutes Remaining Warning – Teams offers a warning to help remind you when your time is up, especially helpful when you’ve been presenting information and you lose track of how much time you have, all important as we spend many hours during online meetings – one more way to help you stay focused.
  • Applications – Applications can pop out from the task window to work simultaneously while in Teams, creating an enhanced, seamless user experience.
  • Sharing – Teams makes it easier to share screens with other users and unique team sites that are gathered and connected to SharePoint, all making your various Teams sites navigable and easily-managed within one platform.

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Source: Nicole Herskowitz, Microsoft Teams General Manager

Source: Microsoft Teams