Benefits of VoIP

February 8, 2021 nicole

Computer St. Louis VoIP system

Telephone calls have been zooming across physical lines for almost 150 years. Innovations like cable systems and networks have added options and optimized costs over time, giving rise to cellphone technology and even more possibilities to connect.

Millions of Americans make an average of five calls a day. On any given workday, that number for professionals more than triples.

Traditional telephony has seen great advancements with technology.  Internet protocol (or VoIP) telephony may not compare to cellular, but it is driving a quiet revolution away from copper wire. This system allows data and video to transmit through smartphones, laptops and tablets instead of traditional phone lines.

The benefits of VoIP start at reduced costs, but they don’t stop there. Keep reading for more benefits you can gain from the best VoIP technology out there.

Measurable Business Benefits of VoIP

  1. Using VoIP, multiple phone calls can be transmitted on the same broadband phone line—no new physical lines are required. This makes VoIP systems more scalable.
  2. VoIP systems typically are easily implemented, allowing employees using an iOS or Android app to make and take calls on the same system with desktop phones.
  3. Flexibility is another benefit of VoIP since you don’t need to sign up for a specific number of users, mailboxes, or even phone numbers right away.
  4. VoIP systems are inexpensive to implement since you don’t need all the extra infrastructure. Without an expensive server or dedicated phone blocks, in-office overhead comes down even further. Rates for international calls and long distance are considerably lower, also.
  5. Less equipment also means VoIP systems are faster to deploy.
  6. For any company rethinking their standard operating procedures for the “new normal” and whole teams working remotely, VoIP systems are far easier to implement from afar; new lines can be added no matter where the employee is located.
  7. Whatever your organization needs for remote flexibility, VoIP is also the best solution for anyone on the go since users can take their office phone numbers with them. All they need is internet access.

In Simple Terms…

VoIP facilitates everything a modern company needs at a price that a business of any size can afford.

In the wake of an unprecedented year in business, 2021 can start with one simple decision you can make now to improve your company’s efficiencies and level of customer service.

3CX is a VoIP platform that we recommend over others since it offers superior features and flexible pricing. More importantly, it’s programmed an open platform, meaning you don’t need any specific hardware or cloud provider to use it (although we have our recommended preferences).

To deploy 3CX on-premises or in the cloud, contact us today!