Ransomware Attacks are on the Rise with Covid-19

December 3, 2020 nicole

Layered Security

The importance of training your team on phishing attempts via email or downloads from nefarious websites, needs to be a top priority in your security arsenal. Ransomware attacks are on the rise with more people working from home with a less than top-of-mind awareness towards security. When you are at the office, the formality of being on premise reminds you to stay alert. Being at home however, with many opportunities for distraction, it can be easy to fall for a scheme.

With Covid-19 at its highest impact since inception, hackers are using this opportunity to aim their spears at a much wider audience, hoping to catch people in the Covid-19 bemusement. As more of us want to stay alert to the hourly updates regarding the pandemic, we may be inclined to use less caution than normal. This momentum gained by time moving so quickly and the rapid spread of the virus, can stimulate that same intensity with our day to day activities, i.e. clicking an attachment in an email before you’ve thought it through.

This is just the opposite of what needs to happen when it comes to network security. At Computer St. Louis, we implement the tools and offerings of KnowBe4. This platform executes training units and testing modules that simulate phishing attacks. The instruction offered from KnowBe4 creates an environment that addresses today’s subtle tactics of social engineering. The testing opportunities highlight how an attack can easily be brought in through the front door through the kindest of team members. It doesn’t just have to be a hacker, sitting in a dark room trying to crack the code to your server – these criminals have developed heightened sensibilities of how to be let in through the front door.

Besides training your team, your network needs a layered, segmented zero-trust environment with which to remain uncompromised. This multi-layered approach comes in the form of a trusted advisor and partner who travels this terrain daily. We have the tools and wherewithal to adapt to your industry-specific requirements and protocols. Computer St. Louis is proud to report that we have never had an event that we were not able prevent or remediate in our history of working with fully-managed clients where we manage the technology spectrum end to end. Let’s work together on bringing you aboard our managed services platform!