Top 5 Reasons to Use Computer St. Louis for Managed Services

January 6, 2021 nicole

Computer St. Louis Managed Services

First, what is Managed Services? It’s our proactive approach at managing all your IT, an inclusive mash-up of your network, voice, data, video, infrastructure, and computing needs. We monitor and manage anything and everything connected to the network. Here are the highlights:

  1. We’re always on, always proactive – 24/7. Our platforms monitor and manage your systems, identifying workstation capacity, monitoring your servers to ensure CPU utilization and storage efficiencies, ensuring security policy protocols are running as scripted – all working ’round the clock, dedicated to outstanding network performance for your business.
  2. Expertise. Our team is comprised of many engineers and technicians, all with their own unique mindset when it comes to bringing you top-notch service. How does that benefit you? You get the advantage of all those unique minds, zeroing in on critical elements of your network security. Hiring one person to manage all your IT needs can be very costly and next to impossible when determining capabilities. Our team’s expertise for technology runs the gambit from wireless, to security, to servers, to cloud, to voice – well, you get it. With us, you get the entire team – not one individual that may be under-qualified or leave you high and dry.
  3. Monthly budgeted amount. Wouldn’t you rather have a consistent, monthly budget for your IT needs? Let us design a plan for you, identify areas where you might need additional help, and manage your hardware budget as well. We understand your budget and its provisions. That said, a security breach could launch your business into deep debt because of reactionary measures (legal, etc.) – YOU always win when you maintain/manage your assets versus waiting until they fail.
  4. Security. Again, relying on one person to know it all is not a sound business practice. We’ll address physical security, user security, hardware and software security and proactively managing your network. Visit our Cyber Security Outline to review our multi-step approach to securing your network and all endpoints in between.
  5. Experience. Our engineers and technicians work with different clients and unique industries every day, elevating their understanding and exposure to unique and isolated experiences.  This expansive learning and adaptation benefits ALL our clients because our team shares this knowledge with one another and implements these critical updates across ALL our platforms – something you cannot get from just one individual. This team approach takes “deep learning” to a whole new level. Also, if you are utilizing Computer St. Louis for break-fix-only situations – it’s time to proactively manage your network with our state-of-the-industry managed services, you’ll immediately see what you’ve been missing.