Cloud Repatriation – Is it Right for Your Company?

August 31, 2020 nicole

Cloud Repatriation

While cloud-based solutions can be instrumental for some storage needs, it can make sense to bring back an on-premises server solution for many applications and resource needs.

  • High operating costs.
  • Poor or slow support from cloud vendors.
  • High latency or slow performance of workloads.
  • Security and compliance concerns.
  • Workload and resource availability.
  • Changing business needs.

Depending on your industry, the security measures necessary to prevent a breach can be varied and complex. Public cloud storage entities may not provide the protocol your industry needs to be compliant. Or the entity may have the certification you desire, however there is still room for human error when configuring the security features. Having these services in the cloud, takes that control out of your hands and deposits you at their mercy. That may not be a bad thing for some of your data, but for many business sectors, generalized certifications may not be the be-all-end-all of the conversation.

Bringing back vital applications and data may be the next step in having more control over your network. You know what strategy is right for your company and Computer St. Louis can help you repatriate and customize the solutions that are best for you. There is no doubt that cloud-based services are the right solution for many of your automated business needs. However, for the isolated, intricate, and advanced properties, you may need more consideration and resources allocated to their delicate nature. It is in these times that a one-size-fits-all mentality will not work.

No one has time to be caught up in endless Level 1 support ticket nightmares, only to find out the services you are requesting are not available or are “set for deployment” at a later date. Your business requirements should not be subject to a generalized category of performance, based on someone’s else idea or agenda of when they are necessary. Your business could be named in any sort of non-compliance fashion and thinking that you were “waiting for the update” is not a great defense. Staying on the side of OFFENSE and due diligence is your safest bet. Call Brian today to get started.