Wi-Fi 6 – The Future of Wireless

November 5, 2020 nicole


Are you ready for even faster wireless connectivity? In this newsletter, we’re going to talk about Wi-Fi 6. It’s the latest standard in wireless technology. Equipment manufacturers are boosting performance and speed nearing 10Gbps, about three times faster than 801.11ac (or Wi-Fi 5 for those of you keeping track).

In this day and age where most of your staff probably have at least dual monitors in order to increase efficiency, Wi-Fi speed can really make a difference when you are attempting to maneuver multiple software programs to multi-task your day. Waiting for programs to load, wastes valuable time and produces fewer results. We’ve all come to depend on fast internet to keep up with the daily demands of the 21st century workplace. Pouring through the exponential tasks awaiting you in email, following up on the seventeen jobs that just got handed to you in your project meeting – all require a technology infrastructure that meets the demands of your business.

Are you aware of your Wi-Fi density and how it manifests in seamless connectivity at your office, warehouse, or multi-location enterprise? If not, you could be missing out on major enhancements that can improve latency, user-friendly access, and streaming capabilities with security features for your company network. The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a world in which our ability to streamline communication is completely possible. These latest and greatest advances, however, are only as good as the hardware and software that dovetail the new capabilities.

Staying up to date and adapting your technology infrastructure allows your company to keep moving in a world that is not stopping – falling behind is not an option and we want to help. We have an excellent team of engineers whose passion in life is making things work properly and producing high-end performance for your investment. We know networks, it’s what we do every day, and we can configure a network plan that will get you started on the right road or enhance where you are at today.